Who We Are

The name Noelie Harmon originates from our family. Noelie is the name of partner Michael Gatz’s grandmother, Noelie Barnett. Harmon is the name of owner Amy Strother’s grandmother, Margaret Harmon Johnson. We opened on Earth Day, April 22nd, 2008.

What is a Conscious Boutique?

Our mission at Noelie Harmon is to provide our community with extraordinary products that are uniquely designed and made with consciousness. We believe that rules should not be broken, people should not be mistreated, and the earth should go unharmed in the making of all things for our home and our bodies.

When we choose a product to be sold in our store, we diligently research its background and designer. If it is within our means, we try to meet the designer or artist. While we know that every designer cannot be 100% fair trade, eco-friendly, and socially responsible, we understand that sustainability is a journey- a conversation to be had with each individual. At Noelie Harmon, we are on the same path, always traveling toward a destination of improved sustainability; therefore, we only work with vendors who are on the same path as we are.

Every Product Tells a Story

Walking through our store, you will discover four icons: Eco-friendly, Fair Trade, Socially Responsible, and Local Artisan. We strive to label each product with as many icons as possible.

We label each product with one to four of these icons, and we tell you the story about how your product came to be. After shopping at Noelie Harmon, not only do you have a beautiful product, but a story to go along with it. You also have the personal satisfaction of knowing that your purchase has undoubtedly helped another human being or sustainable mission. As an added benefit, you have the pleasure of contributing to your local economy.

Can one purchase make a difference? At Noelie Harmon, we know it can.

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