How are we Socially Responsible?

We Give Back

Over 3% of our annual revenues are donated to local charities. We support the following organizations each year because we believe in the substantial work they do to improve our community: Manship Theatre, Capital Area United Way, In Moving Colors, Mid City Merchants Association, Culture Candy, Sierra Club Delta Chapter, Louisiana Environmental Action Network, Greater Baton Rouge Marching Band, and The Green Crawl.

We Are Conscious

We recycle as much as we possibly can... from cardboard boxes to plastic bottles. We do our best to use as little possible, reuse whatever we can, and recycle what is leftover. That’s our motto here: Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

We pursue all things sustainable in our business and lives with a fiery passion. We are geeks of vintage and green, salvage and thrift. Walk into the store at any time, and you are bound to find organic treats, a new pile of vintage threads, and a recipe for homemade window cleaner. We do it all.

We Educate

We believe that helping people is where life starts and stops. Noelie Harmon’s owner and employees are gracious, generous, and willing to educate and listen- not just in our store, but in our community. We will teach about recycling, greening your home or office, or any other sustainable topic you may want to know more about. Our goal is to help people understand the meaning of sustainability and how to integrate it into their everyday lives.